Sannap Cliffs

Sannap Cliffs

Beautiful, Thalia. The colour of the rocks is super.

Three foot square, that's a biggie. I like it. Great sky, cliffs and sea.

Very good result, Thalia, superb rocks colours.

That's lovely Thalia. And big! ( compared to your usual anyway.

It’s beautiful, Thalia. I like it a lot.

In a more "traditional" impressionist style, but it works really really well. The larger format really does suit your style.

You need to zoom in on this to see the lovely strokes created with the palette knife and gorgeous colours of the cliffs, another lovely painting 😃

Love it. The light reflecting on the water, and the rock colours.

This is fantastic Thalia, I'm loving the colours on the cliffs! Wonderful work and so huge!

Thank you very much, Seth, Lewis, Cesare, Margaret, Ellen, Tony, Linda, Sandra and Margaret. Really kind and helpful comments, it took ages to get to this stage, even in this heat it often wasn't dry enough to scratch into or over, so the transparent colours would work properly. Thank you, Tony for that comment! Helpful to know! Thanks also Linda and Seth, the rocks were really difficult to get looking right, as some of it's supposed to be in shadow, and our rocks turn golden orange in certain light. I have now ticked some birds in, just to add a bit of drama!

Stunning view beautifully done Thalia.

I love it, Thalia. The sky, sea, cliffs, background, foreground and super reflections all come together to make this a resounding success. Well done for sticking with it. I'm in the same boat, so to speak, as I'm working on a 90 x 90 cms canvas with oils at the mo'. Driving me up the wall it is. *lol* Might just put it in WIP to get some crit. Bri

Thank you very much, Carole and Brian...I know just how you feel, Brian. I couldn't get far enough back from it to see it as a whole, like wot I normally do! Now its drying in the bath...only place for it big enough to take it! We smell a bit....painty!!! Keep going on yours...sure it'll be a gorgeous one!

Fabulous colour combinations and great textures achieved here Thalia! Love it!

Love it :)

Hang on Studio Wall

This has been difficult in every big, 36x36ins I couldn't move in my tiny studio, and it definitely did not fall off the palette knife into a picture on its' own! I sincerely hope it looks ok now. Comments gratefully received and acted upon as ever. Jim may want a few birds in it...after all , hunting here doesn't start yet!

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