My favourite is the blue,cream pastel one in the centre. The geometric one is also very good.

Thank you very much Ceri

Just catching up after rather an absence from the site Tao. I really love these, my favourite is the bottom one, possibly because it bears resemblance to what I do sometimes. The others have a lovely soft quality. My favourite there is top left as I can see landscape features. I hope your students enjoyed their abstract lesson? And hope that you might experiment more with this genre?

Thank you so much Sandra for your lovely comments. I have not been posting very much for quite a while, the Art group does take up quite a lot of time, but I am enjoying it very much.and I am having to push myself looking for answers for their questions. all good fun...

Hang on Studio Wall
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As you know I am not the best at abstract art, but as I promised the students this is what they wanted to have a go at this week, so I thought I ought to try it myself, so here are the trials on A5 not and the diagonals I did on rough paper, unfortunately I dripped some water on it and OOOPs nothing I could do, But the idea is still there, Happy to have any comments and help with these please..

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I started Painting in 2007, my favourites to paint ,- Botanicals-animals-Eagles and perhaps the odd challenge taking me out of my comfort zone. I also do a lot of Chinese Brush Painting in the GomgBi style on silk. this is meticulous and a very precise style of painting, when you draw your…

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