Hand Rikshw Puller

Hand Rikshw Puller

A bit like a human horse lovely dynamics Tanusree

Thank you Dennis.

Good drawing, is this charcoal Tanusree ?

Thank you Carole &amp;Michael.<br />Carole I used my PC to create this :)

Wow that is very good work on your PC!

Love this Tanusree

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A pulled rickshaw (or ricksha) is a mode of human-powered transport by which a runner draws a two-wheeled cart which seats one or two people. In recent times the use of human-powered rickshaws has been discouraged or outlawed in many countries due to concern for the welfare of rickshaw workers.[1] Pulled rickshaws have been replaced mainly by cycle rickshaw and auto rickshaws.

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Tanusree Ray

I am very much attached to colours. My mother is an artist but in my childhood I never bothered to take lessons from her,it all started to come after ages when I really felt lonely and searching for peace & solace. I stumbled upon art as a thanksgiving. I genuinely find peace through painting.As a…

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