But the result is lovely. Though your story made me chuckle. If it is not a course then you must have great determination and dedication to remain seated there.

Oh dear, what a day Sylvia! But as Sian said the result is really good and the colours are lovely and fresh.

Hehe Sylvia, what a pain in the proverbial uk weather is when it starts doing its worst eh! And we all know we are heading back to more of the same now that September is here, you did a super job despite it all in this lovely bright capturing of the castle and its surroundings, beaches and the sea are great, except, and that is a very big except, when it is pouring down and windy, here in Heysham/Morecambe there is always wind or strong breezes coming off the sea, which delight the local Kite Surfing fraternity and make the rest of us shiver and start to pile on more clothes!

How we suffer for our art. Mind you the results this week have been worth it. I'm so jealous that you're in my favourite part of the Uk.

I hope no one came out with the 'oh it must be very relaxing' line, while you we're struggling with your painting! A very commendable effort in the circumstances.

I can just picture you sat there Sylvia!! :0)) Such perseverance ! Well this is great, lovely colours.

The result is fabulous, though, Sylvia! The vitality of this piece is just great. I would have given up right from the start, so kudos to you!

you would all have chuckled if you had seen me. thanks for looking and happy comments. x

A great result from your misery Sylvia, I like your pen work in this one.

Another great sketch in adversity. Thank you for sharing this. Also, thank you for information about sketchbooks. I am pleased I am not the only one who prefers larger as opposed to smaller. I get claustrophobic!

Great painting, you amaze me carrying on through all that, and there is me sat in my big comfy armchair drawing.

Love the thought of you warm and cosy in your arm chair....peverse and masochistic me getting eaten alive and half drowned... there is a cartoon there somewhere .

Love the colours in this. Every time i see a photo of this place I want to go and this adds to that feeling.

I hit the rreply before I'd finished :P Doh! Brave you for taking on the British Weather Survival course. Despite the weather you made it look warm.

Hang on Studio Wall

Another. watercolour sketch , this one siting on the beach at Bambrough. It rained.......HARD... I was attacked by buzzy things , sand blew all over my work , then I couldnt get up .( i sit in a black placky bag) I am the original bag lady . But this day all conspired against me. this was the rather frought result Who was it that said painting was a genteel hobby.... oh and my nose was running.

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