View from the kitchen window

View from the kitchen window

A lovely view you have there, Sue! And I agree, it is a tad chilly for plein air painting. You've done a marvellous job of mixing the primaries, but I can't help but be a little disappointed by the flat, not-quite-dark between the trees. I'm no expert in watercolour, but I would have been tempted to add texture and depth (and a hint of what was back there) with another layer of paint or two. Probably just a few brush strokes. It is a lovely painting, though. I particulaly like the way that the red tree and the one on the far left just sort of melt into that wonderful watery suggestion that makes watercolour so magical.

Love the colours and textures in this, agree you could have made more of the area between and behind the trees but it is good

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Bit cold for plein air so this is the view through my kitchen window. Used just the primary colours. Tried to get some contrast of tone. Comments appreciated - the only way to learn. Thanks for looking.

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Returned to art in 2012 having done virtually none since school. Started with watercolour but added oils & now enjoy both. Always enjoyed arts & crafts but had concentrated mainly on the crafts. The art was always part of the textiles - painting with yarn - felting, knitting, weaving etc.

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