Hosta Leaf

Hosta Leaf

I'm no expert Sue but I do admire the way you've painted the raindrop on the leaf - it's so delicate. I can't see any greenfly which is good and amazed that there's no slug damage; how does your daughter prevent that?

Thank you, Jane. The greenfly is at the top of the drop! She goes out at night & picks of slugs & snails putting them in the council compost bin (not her own compost bin).

Posted by Sue Mann on Thu 02 Aug 15:40:45 I see the greenfly. Don't like them much so don't look for them - either that or I need new glasses! But still I like that raindrop. And thanks for taking a look at my seascapes.

Good idea Sue! I like your leaf and the water droplet, well done.

Thank you Carole. I must admit I was quite pleased with it as I've only been painting watercolour for 12 months.

Posted by Sue Mann on Sun 05 Aug 08:38:33

Lovely painting and great water droplet and greenfly.

Thank you, ladies. I do appreciate your comments, they encourage me to continue.

Posted by Sue Mann on Mon 06 Aug 19:50:35
Hang on Studio Wall

This was originally a photo, taken by my daughter, of a Hosta leaf with rain drop & green fly. It's done on Saunders 640gms. with Maimeriblu watercolours. I'd appreciate any constructive feedback. Thanks for looking.

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Returned to art in 2012 having done virtually none since school. Started with watercolour but added oils & now enjoy both. Always enjoyed arts & crafts but had concentrated mainly on the crafts. The art was always part of the textiles - painting with yarn - felting, knitting, weaving etc.

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