Stockport market hall

Stockport market hall

I think you have disguised it very well Sue, it looks part of the texture and tones of the shrub. I mainly get cauliflowers in my skies. If I get a bad one I let it dry and paint over it with darker clouds. If you use a good paper you may be able to lift some of it out and then re-paint. I'm no expert mind you. I like the structural work of the market hall Sue.

I had to look hard before I spotted it! You should use good quality paper (cold pressed 300 gsm.) It's thick and feels rough to the touch. Fiona is right, you'll be able to lift the edges of the cauliflower out with clean water. Is this Stockport near Manchester?

Thank you for your kind comments ladies & your advice. The paper was 300 gms Louise. I did try lifting but perhaps I was too gentle! Yes, it is Stockport near Manchester. Do you know it?

Posted by Sue Mann on Fri 01 Jun 23:32:38

You could then paint into it a bit more and make the foreground colour stronger. A few slightly darker touches would work in the willow tree as well. I feel that one looks a little unfinished. Just my thoughts :) Overall, it's very nice and a good composition! I know Stockport well as I live fairly near. It's always nice to see scenes of places that I know!

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Not scanned well. Tried to make the cauliflower look as though it was meant to be! Not very successfully, but not sure how else I could have done it. Advice would be appreciated.

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