Commission for a Sharpei from local FB page

Commission for a Sharpei from local FB page

Sue, looking at this, I think you'd like oils - my pension is under as much strain as anyone's, but go to the Jacksons' Art or Ken Bromley websites, and buy just a few of their own brand oil paints - you can add to them over time - just for a start, get a white, a red, a yellow and a blue, and see what you can do with those alone. Then next month, add a few more colours - the next month a few more: you'll have a dozen serviceable colours in 4 to 5 months, and you really don't need many more than that. Titanium White, Raw Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Winsor Yellow; Light Red or Burnt Sienna, Permanent Rose, Cadmium or Winsor Red (which can double for both of them); Ultramarine and Prussian Blue, both quite cheap - or Pthalo Blue; maybe a bit of Burnt or Raw Umber, also cheap - and orf you go. It really needn't be ruinously expensive. Don't stifle your talent by assuming you can't afford things - stick to the basics to start with, and you may even stay with them throughout your painting career. The only seriously expensive colour I'd invest in is a great quality Cobalt Blue, eg from Michael Harding - now that IS expensive, but it's a fabulous colour and opens a new window on colour mixing, especially if you add a Cadmium and Lemon Yellow over time. I wouldn't want to start from nothing - I have a basic collection and add to it one by one: but that would be a good start for you.

I do like Sharpei’s Sue...and I do like you picture of this one.

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I still haven’t decided my favourite medium and yet to try oils, but pension doesn’t stretch that far ! Finding that you can get so much pleasure from producing the simplest sketch is great but I’m running a new U3A art group and watching my gents and ladies improve and produce lovely work from my…

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