Back yard in oil pastel


I like that a lot Stephen - rather magical!

The scratches work really well!

I like it. Did you use a solvent at all? Some parts have a lovely, slightly watercoloury quality. I've got several sets of oil pastels, acquired over the decades and hardly ever used. You might have inspired me, thank you.

thanks for your comments, no I didn't use a solvent, just oil pastels that have been lying around for ages, a piece of kitchen roll to smudge it and a penknife to scratch it

I agree with Margaret...magical! Love it! I'm having a go with my oil pastels too!

Interesting style, Stephen, lovely colours.

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A couple of years ago I bought a pack of oil pastels from a art supply shop in France. I don't know why as I haven't a clue what to do with the messy greasy things. But now where in lockdown I thought I'd have a go, it was looking a mess until I scratched some definition in with a penknife, so now it looks less of a mess, but I like the colours.

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