Big Cat

Big Cat

This is a beautiful big cat and the airbrushed background is interesting.

This is just gorgeous. Great detail, expression and I like the background too.

Thank you very much for your comments. i have recently started back to painting and this has been great encouragement. thanks again!



Absolutely brilliant! My favorite wild cat is the leopard. (Especially the snow leopard ) - but he is so special. jx

Hi steven, Thank you for your comments on Christopher and Venice. Unfortunately I isolated these three posting them onto a separate portfolio by mistake. I daren't re-post them onto my main portfolio for fear of annoying those who have already seen them and taking up valuable space on the POL which is very popular now. If you put my name in the search again and click on the second picture (not Christopher) you will get my main portfolio. There is a pastel of a snow leopard there (not as good as yours I might add and the photography back then was atrocious so you can't see him well cos of the reflection on the glass - I hope I have improved in the photography of my work since then!) I'd appreciate your comments on the main pics. Thanks jx

This is my favorite. The details are so beautifully captured.

I think your 'big cats' are beautiful, pastel is such a majic medium to work with. Congratulations.

Just had a look at your portfolio, and like your style very much . your attention to detail is fantastic. James A

Hang on Studio Wall
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Pastel pencil on watercolour board. Background airbrushed using rotring inks.

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