Relaxing at the hammam.

Relaxing at the hammam.

This is Amazing!! Love it!!

This is truly amazing, the colour is so strong, at the same time very delightful. It is brilliant that you only elebrate half of the painting. The facial expression is intriguing...

lovely painting Stephen,great forshortening, the bluish colour under the arm worries me a little though, it seems to capture the eye.

Perhaps, I'll tone the blue down, I hadn't noticed it until you said William.

Love the glowing colour & the extended leg makes for a strong composition. I see what Wiliam means about the blue shading but it didn't spoil my enjoyment of the painting

It's a strong piece, Stephen. Your mastery of painting the human form comes through very clearly here. And I always like your palette. Thank you too for your comment on my painting.

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Boxed canvas 92cm x 61cm

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