Dunham Massey

Dunham Massey

Lovely and clean as always Stephen. This one has a certain vibrancy to it.

A super summers day captured Stephen.....like you say back to normal......40mph winds and lashing it down here!!!

A place I know well. As children we never quite made it to Lymm by bike but did manage to reach Dunham Park! Super watercolour painting Stephen. Good sky especially and I do like the three larger trees. That lemony green in the background works very well also.

Many thanks everyone for your kind comments. I tried drawing with the brush for this one, using the same colour as in each area, I think it has made it a bit looser.

Tranquil and atmospheric, with lovely clear washes. Well done, Stephen!

I really like this Stephen, particularly your wet into wet work and the colour combinations in the distant trees. A real sense of depth.

Hang on Studio Wall

From a a photo I tookon the bank holiday on Monday. It was like a summer's day, now it's back to normal!

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Stephen Slater

I am a self taught amateur painter, I mostly paint landscapes in watercolour but I 'dabble' in other mediums from time to time. I really enjoy my art, especially painting outdoors when the weather allows.

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