Pencil Sketch, Gentle reflections.

Pencil Sketch, Gentle reflections.

Nice, varied marks. And yes, good idea. I don't think I could do justice to your drawing though but I have my paper ready.

Posted on Sat 16 Dec 10:43:09

Many thanks, Ibolya and Richard,

Good composition there, I could have ago Stephen.

Like the sketch and might have a go

That’s a great sketch Stephen! And what a good idea, I’ll try and give it a go tomorrow....there could be some very interesting interpretations.

Many thanks, Carole, Derek and Fiona, look forward to seeing your interpretations.

Lovely Sketch Stephen, like your wc version too.

Nice sketch Stephen

Sorry Stephen, I haven’t had chance today to try out your sketch. You’ve had a good response with some lovely variations.

Many thanks, David and Fiona.

Thanks, look forward to it Gudrun.

Hang on Studio Wall

Just did this quick imaginary doodle, the in pencil. I wondered if others might be interested in drawing or painting their own interpretation of it and if others could upload their sketches for other members to interpret? Perhaps it would be fun?

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