Oil Pastel try out.

Oil Pastel try out.

You have inspired me to have a go. Like the effects you have achieved Stephen.

Very good Stephen, look forward to seeing what else you have in mind with the oil pastels.

Good idea Stephen. They can also be used with other media for adding highlights. Dennis Rounding is doing great things will acrylic and oil pastel.

Many thanks Sandra, seem to remember they work well with an ink under drawing.

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Bought a smal set (12) of Faber Castell oil pastels the other day in a bookshop. I haven't tried oil pastels for many a year, quite impressed how easily they go onto the paper and less messy than soft pastels. Could be useful for outdoor sketching perhaps?

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I am a self taught amateur painter, I mostly paint landscapes in watercolour but I 'dabble' in other mediums from time to time. I really enjoy my art, especially painting outdoors when the weather allows.

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