Meredith Dreaming

Meredith Dreaming

I think this portrait has great strength and impact. True It is done in a stylised way but this adds to its presence. I don't think you should try for more accuracy or for a more realistic look as, to me, that isn't what this painting is about. The face is strong and the gaze direct and you have got that just right with the way you have painted the portrait and the palette you have used. The smooth and uncomplicated way you have painted Meredith is different and eye catching. Good portraits should always tell us more about the person than just how they outwardly look, and I think this one does.

Many thanks Thea. That is a great help. My tutor was largely happy with it, but criticised the bottom part of the nose. But it is hard to put it right once the model has gone.

I'm afraid I don't worry about small details like that and I don't think you should. The best paintings contain inaccuracies and mistakes and that is part of their charm. If things go wrong, then I always think the best thing is to just leave them and emphasis another passage of the painting to take the eye away from the problem. Endless fiddling always shows and you can loose the freshness, which is to be avoided at all costs. However, I always work in watercolour, which defies correction, so I definitely have to live with anything that goes wrong and I have learned to love my mistakes!

This is painting, done through your observing the subject. Its got feeling and depth. I do not see anything wrong with the nose myself no two nostrils are the same. as with eyes they are always different, one from the other. Between oil and acrylic there is alkyd. they do not dry fast or slow like oils. You might have tried them. I us acrylics for underpainting a lot although I have done a lot of acrylic paintings.

I totally agree with DAC's comments. Every painting has flaws, but they matter little in a creative process. I hate portraits that look like photos. For instance, your jazz-player is wonderful, although the hands are too small and look unfinished, but this , for me, does not detract from the portrait. Portraits, especially, should reflect the personality of the artist.

Generally speaking I like this portrait Linda, but I do agree that the bottom of the nose needs attention. Noticeable especially when the illustration is enlarged. But I still like it.

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I don't usually post portraits here, but I need advice on this one. She looks a bit plastic to my thinking, which could be the result of painting in acrylic. How can I get her to look a bit more human, apart from redoing it in oil. (I did this one in a portraiture class, which is why I used acrylic for the quick drying). comments would be most welcome.

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