Beyond the Abyss of Time

Beyond the Abyss of Time

love you interesting write up on this one Linda, fascinating about all the skeletons of dinosaurs in the rock layers, again you have captured really well here the epiic scale of the Grand Canyon, it is certainly true that here in the uk we have no real idea of distance compared to the vast distances in the USA

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This view of the Grand Canyon is from the North Rim. More shadows are visible from this side than the South Rim. What struck me was how dull the colours were coma red to the bright reds and oranges of Hockney's paintings. Although I loved Hockney's paintings, I felt I had to restrain the colours to closer to reality, otherwise there would be nowhere to go for the more colourful canyons. The stratified rock holds skeletons of dinosaurs and sabre-toothed cats (smilodons), so it is like looking down into a record of time. It is a long way across the canyon and consequently the other rim looks a little misty. But further into the distance there is a mountain range. Looking on the map the range looks about 70 miles away. But all across the States there are huge visible distances, the like of which we do not have in the UK.

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