Cottage Door

Cottage Door

Lovely study, Sophie

Great painting Sophie, love the colours and the graining, the whole thing just tells a story of times past in that one little section of door, nice one.

There was a discussion on photographic-type painting on the forum recently, and I think most of us agreed we&#39;d rather not, on the whole, paint very tightly detailed work. <br /><br />Now, you come along and complicate all that! Because this is highly detailed and closely observed BUT - so recognizably a painting, not a slavish copy: one believes in the wood, the knots, the metal bolt and feels one could touch them; but it&#39;s also a beautiful painting of age, the process of change, decay and strength in the face of decay. <br /><br />As Malcolm says - it tells a story.

Thank you Malcolm and Robert. Sorry to complicate things! I am very flattered by your comments. I personally always try to impart some of my personality onto a subject whatever I am painting and as I am NOT a perfectionist I would never choose to paint a photographic interpretation of a subject but rather an expression of feeling and emotion that the subject gives me. I am particuarly interested in the process of decay and the beauty it reveals. I am far too &#39;slap dash&#39; for too much detail!

Wonderful use of the medium, splendid

Well - that&#39;s amazingly good &quot;slap dash&quot;, Sophie. Beautiful door with some super wood grain effects and splits. Love the bluish purple colours.

Lovely work, Sophie! Gorgeous palette!

Hang on Studio Wall

Another depiction of one of the door's on an abandoned fisherman's cottage atop the cliffs in Prussia Cove, Cornwall

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I live and paint from my studio in Cornwall. I am largely self taught in watercolours and have been painting with them for 20 years. I am inspired many different things around me in the landscape but primarily trees, flowers and long shadows. At the moment I am also exploring the beauty of decay,…

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