A little Madeira, My Dear

A little Madeira, My Dear

Don't mind if I do! Like it Skylar the glass work is brilliant.

Thank you, Leslie! I love doing still lifes. (Surprise)

Have some madeira, m' dear; I've got a small flask of it here; if it were gin, you'd be wrong to say yes: the evil gin does is hard to assess; besides - it's inclined to affect me prowess...... have some madeira, m'dear.....

Hello Mr jones. It's been a while since we have communicated. I knew that line was from a song, but you have provided me with wonderful illumination (and correct spelling). Thank you!

Yes please! Love the sparkling stopper.

Don't mind if I do either! An appealing eye-catching painting.

Lovely work, Skylar.

A glass for me too please Skylar. A beautiful painting as always, but you know what I love best - the crystal stopper in the decanter.

Beautifully painted Skylar.

Just a wee one for me Skylar....cin-cin! It's the stopper that does it for me, lovely still life.

Carole - thank you. That little stopper was a pain! When I decided to put the window in the bkg, I had to then consider all the reflections on that stopper!

Sandra, Caesar - Thank so very much!

Adele - Thank you! But, as I said, that stopper was its own little world.

Margaret - I thank you!

Fiona - Apparently it's the little things that count! Thank you for commenting.

Lovely work, Skylar. Your efforts the stopper really paid off.

Thank you, Linda. I appreciate your observation.

The glass stopper is superb.

Hang on Studio Wall

Decanter and Glass. Artrage5. Oils. Appx.9x12".

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