Caroline at 9

Caroline at 9

So pretty 👌

'Beautiful', absolutely beautiful!

Incredible Skylar. You have inspired me to give portraits another go. Love the soft gentleness this portrait portrays.

That is fantastic, Skylar!

Wonderful painting. The skin colours are brilliant.

Beautiful Painting.

Beautiful portrait Skylar


A beautiful painting!

Beautifully painted Skylar.

This is so good, it looks as if it could have been a photoshopped photograph. The skin colours are excellent.

Beautifully painted hair Skylar.

Fabulous work Skylar

She's gorgeous! This is wonderful Skylar, such a pretty child.

A very pretty young lady that hair is beautiful Skylar.

Beautifully and skilfully done.

Posted on Tue 01 Aug 18:14:08

I'll add another beautiful is!

More great work with Artrage!

Posted by T H on Wed 02 Aug 06:59:16


I worked on this image more than a year. Thank you all!

Hang on Studio Wall

Sweet young face. Artrage5. Oils. Appx 11x17" orig size.

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Life-long artist. Made most of my living that way. Traveled a lot, painting around the world. Everything from graphic Design to commissioned portraits. Movie & TV graphics, Music Video Bkgs, Murals, - You get the gist. Now retired. Still Travel. Paint every day.

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