Glory Rose

Glory Rose

You are the master of Artrage!

Posted by T H on Thu 14 Sep 22:00:32

Timothy - Thank you so much. It is the toy I play with the most!

Knew it was yours before I saw your name Skylar - gorgeous!

Adele - Thanks So Much! I guess that "Realism" things goes farther when I do floral pieces, especially roses.

Amazing, Skylar. I could eat it.

Brian - Thanks so much!

Shirley - Thank you! Must be those "Peach" tones.

Artistic License made an excellent job of colouring this rose.


Wonderful, Skylar.

Sandra - Thank you! I'm lucky I remembered to renew that license!

Karen - Thank you so much!

Thanks so much, Peter!

Superb!! Some gorgeous colours in this beautiful rose Skylar.

Peter - Thanks! Much appreciation!

Margaret - Thank you! I thought I would Stretch he palette a bit.

Gudrun - Thanks! I was going for a "silken" feel.

Peter - Thanks so very much! I wasn't sure how this would be received. Guess it is OK. Makes me want to do more...

Hang on Studio Wall

An Individual rose, colored by Artistic License. Orig.size apx 9x12" Artrage Oils.

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