Dante (Devine Comedy) First ring - Inferno

Dante (Devine Comedy) First ring - Inferno

What a hunk - love the flames licking the darkness o!

I must say he caught my eye Skylar..what a hunk indeed!

Linda - Thanks for commenting. I don't paint many nudes, and am never sure how it will be received.

Louise - Thank you! I actually thought I might be making the figure a bit too much! (HA)

He's certainly a looker Skylar, brilliant work as always.

Thank you, Margaret!

Skylar, you never fail to impress with your wonderful figure work. I do agree with the ladies he’s a looker....very hot! Lol

Fabulous piece of work Skylar

Thanks so much, Dermot!

Fiona - I don't think of my figure work as very good. It's great to get affirmation. Thank You.

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(Back In a new creative arc) An image of Dante in Hell. Artrage Oils. Appx 12x16" Impressionism

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