Mountain Breeze

Mountain Breeze

Have I missed out a few stages in your development, or is your work becoming brighter? I like this, but there's just the one caveat or reservation: I can see a face, which I don't think you meant to be there, in the bottom left quartile - and I'm someone who normally can't see a face which is intended to be a face, and fail in all those picture puzzles. It's bothering me a bit because it looks like the late Dame Edith Sitwell (of whom you might well know nothing: you must remember that I'm oooooold).

I think you're hallucinating Robert! All I can see is a lively interesting abstract painting on the other hand, perhaps, maybe!

Oh, that's QUITE possible! But I've not had a drink for ... oh, hours ... and I can still see the face; it's wearing a toque, with a feather in it, too. But you really can't see it? Dashed rum Johnny, eyesight...

At a stretch I can see two figures, but this does not detract from a really good abstract. I look forward to the next ones.

Lots of fun Satu but must admit like Robert, that I can see a lady ready for a game of tennis....... don't worry though it's still a lively, colourful painting. And you are producing art works which is more than I can say for myself! Keep up the inspiration.

Thank you very much Robert, Christine, Gudrun and Avril for your interesting comments!! I try to see ladies and faces but cannot find any! Instead I do see now a dog's head!! None of those are ment to be there but isn't it lovely that different people can spot different things in one's painting. Robert, I will google your Dame Edith to see what my painting looks like. Might give me an inspiration!

The trouble is that having seen it, it's ALL I can see .... Edith Sitwell had an enormous nose, and a taste for peculiar hats: it added up to a distinctive shape.... If I had the technical ability, I would circle that part of your painting that suggests her to me. Here's a hint though - you see that spot of white, with a black feature in it, in the lower left but very near the centre of the painting (if that makes any sense: I HAVE had a drink now); it looks like a beady eye: the purple spot above is the eyebrow, the red, yellow and purple above is the hat with the feather, and lower down, that stroke of yellow is the large nose, with a purple bar for the mouth just beneath it. Oh dear, I do hope this isn't just me...... Or I shall have to make an emergency appointment with the optician.....

Off to the optician now Robert! I carefully followed your instructions but helas, no Edith. It has been really fun to read your textes, you are so good with your pen. I'll post the next mystery soon.

Sorry Satu, but I immediately saw her face as well but didn't want to say so because it's a really good abstract with great colours. The small white area, bottom left quarter of the painting is her eye, heavy lidded with purple eye shadow. She's wearing a red pill box hat with a feather sticking out. Now you must see this LOL and if that's the case, the face will vanish if you paint out the white area, perhaps in the darker mauve colour. Just an idea!

Definitely no dogs though... LOL

I CAN SEE HER!!! Thanks Louise for your comment and yes, I will do something about it, probably covering the "eye shadow". I quite like that white spot and don't want to loose it. The other possibility is to rename the painting as Dame Edith!

Rather a nice shade of eye shadow though Satu! I'd definitely leave the white spot as it adds to the composition ( I nearly said adds a 'focal point' then!), , but also perhaps cover the black mark on the white spot which looks a little like lush, sweeping eyelashes to me. Face gone, perfect painting, result... also, 'Mountain Breeze' sounds a lot better that a 'Dame Edith' who Robert recognizes but I don't as she's a little before my time. LOL!! Can I add, that I do like the painting, I'm just trying to help!

Louise, I do appreciate your help and once I have altered the "face" I'll post the result. I think that the whole idea and the benefit of POL is to see what others do, encourage, help and give some critique too. Thank you!

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I visited Cork Street ( London) galleries last week and saw some wonderful abstracts and then decided to do or try to do at least six new ones. Here is number 1 which probably is the most abstract that I have ever done. Or perhaps not. I had no idea in my head and just picked up the first colour from my box and the big palette knife and here we are.

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