Three Pears

Three Pears

Superb work...they look scrumptious!

Love this Sarah. 👍🏻

Excellent work Sarah.


Posted on Thu 22 Mar 18:44:47

Beautiful painting

Posted by Emma P on Thu 22 Mar 18:54:17

I think this is an absolutely wonderful still life, Sarah. You've certainly caught the light very well. They look SO ripe and luscious, even sweet. I'll bet they were sweeter than sugar. The colours, shadows, form and speckles all add up to a most convincing painting. Super work. Brian

Brilliant still life Sarah

Terrific painting, wonderful detail.

They look really good. Good enough to eat , excellent description of form I thought.

I think you’ve caught the light and form really well. Super composition and yes they do look good enough to eat!

Great - the light works really well. they look good enough to eat!

Wowsers!! I've just logged into find loads of comments!! Thank you so much everyone....I feel quite elated now! :-) x

Beautifully done Sarah, you are really developing an eye for this and showing how much talent you have. The realism you have captured with your fruit series is really wonderful. More than a pair to be drawn to!

Hang on Studio Wall

Another little fruit study. Trying to understand light a little more and how it bounces off form. Feel as though I have a long way to go but I enjoyed painted this because of the colours!

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