Lake in the Snow

Lake in the Snow 2020-10-12

Lovely clean washes Sarah. What do you think of masking fluid, I can’t get on with it I always seem to rub half the paper off with it!

Very good indeed

Thank you both for your kind comments. Fiona I think the masking fluid will take some getting used to - I think I applied too much, and not evenly enough, and then it was a bit hard to remove and did damage the paper a little - but I feel it's worth persevering for the effects you can create. (Don't think much of its ammonia-like smell either, but it's manageable as it's only really noticeable when it's right under your nose!)

Lovely work Sarah.

Hi this is beautiful I love the reflection and crisp snow xx

Simple but yet so effective, especially with the reflection. Really well painted.

Posted by Nerys B on Fri 16 Oct 08:51:53
Hang on Studio Wall
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The penultimate painting exercise from Stephen Coates' Watercolour Enigma (shared with kind permission of the author). My first go at using masking fluid.

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