All in a Tangle


The technique has worked very well and all the patterns and shapes are great. The only thing that I would suggest is that the 3 top legs of the cat look a bit superimposed rather than sitting into the cushion. Maybe a softening of the edges and less of a sharp edge between cat and materials would also work better. Anyway, just a thought, hope you don't mind.

I like what you've done here Rosella.

I love the way the linen pattern of the cushion and arm of the couch express a comfy effect and the piping chord too makes this look so real, and the cat leaning across over the cushion has a definite impact upon the 'tangle'yet so sweet with its yellow eyes peering and looking content, a superb composition Rosella,and attractive to view!

Hang on Studio Wall

A different technique was used for this painting, where an abstract background was painted first and then the outline of the couch was drawn in and the patterns of the couch were formed leaving some of the abstract showing. The cat was painted as the last layer.

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Rosella Farmer

I have been painting for about 20 years off and on, but more so for the last 10 years. I love to experiment with new techniques and try to use colour to draw the viewer into my paintings. Please contact me at - [email protected]

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