Global warming warning, Venice in peril

Global warming warning, Venice in peril

Your painting tells a story - not the least of which is that we've become a slave to the motorcar; as was proved in the recent snows when roads were cleared for cars, while pavements for pedestrians were left as death traps.

Not seen this before. So wet and atmospheric. Poor pigeon.

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Each winter Venice floods with planks of wood laid out in St. Marks Square . The number of times this happens a year is increasing but we must be optimistic about the future. The idea for this painting stems from a trip to the city in November with people knee deep in water with umbrellas. The tyre symbolises our dependence on the car and the enviromental impact on our eco systems - after all there's only one earth. Please do not become anti car as a result of this painting - we still need to do the school run but boy racers take note.

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