Pheasants About.


Very effective John, love the colours.

This is fabulous John. Those colours sing together so harmoniously and the light on the trees and foreground is beautiful. A very inviting place to be, amazing work.

Fantastic painting John, wonderful colours and textures. The light and contrasting shadows in the foreground and the distant trees is superbly done.

Lovely colours and textures, John - and the bird finishes it off nicely!

Love the depth and interest in this beautiful painting John. Wonderful lighting.

Hang on Studio Wall

Palette knife Oil on canvas board. Size 12x10. The colours are in let the natural fireworks begin. Our local forest with pheasants about. The painting looks better if you view it further away from your monitor screen.

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John Graham Inkson

Life From The Easel. As an artist I see my self as an all rounder. Ive worked with all the painting mediums, as well as silk screen printing, ceramics, small sculptures, sign writing, murals, graphic design and digital art. I went to Cardiff University to do graphic design rather than do a fineā€¦

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