Two limes. final

Two limes. final

Another superb oil painting Petra, the colours used and rendering of the limes are fantastic along with the reflection and light, and everything else of course, a great painting addition to your portfoilio of amazing art.

Another great still life painting Petra, the leaves are particularly realistic.

This is just great, Petra. No glass this time? I like this very, very much because of the "mysterious" atmosphere in it (I hope you know what I mean?). Amazing light and reflections, love it!!!!!

I agree with the above Petra, a stunning addition to your gallery.

Perfect Petra - even doen to the marks on the skin.

Once again impressively observed and painted Petra.

This is so subtle it could almost be a detail from an old master. Superbly painted and great to see your work in progress.

Beautifully done as always Petra,

I agree with all the comments, superbly painted

Thank you Graham, Stephen, Mia, Fiona, Michael, Christine, Val, William and Glennis for all your support, much appreciated

How great to see the painting in the stages. I am so interested in how you added the solidity and light to the finished limes, so it was good to see 'before' and 'after'. Also the leaf is beautifully done.

This is absolutelt stunning, Petra! I agree with Val - so reminiscent of an Old Master's work. It's beautifully refined in all its detail without being slavishly photographic and so very accomplished.

Many thanks Thea and Seok for your very kind and encouraging comments, much appreciated

Wonderful depth, love the blemishes.

Thank you Petra! This is of course a beauty, but I don't think we would expect less from you. I like the belmishes of the fruit. All too often a painting of fruit, veg and indeed flowers are "perfect", which is ok, but how nice to see something a little more realistic! As for the work in progress - I'm very grateful, and rather pleased that others have enjoyed it too. Perhaps (am I pushing my luck??) you could take it back a stage, from the very start. I doubt anyone would complain if you posted, say, four stages so we can see how it evolves. And if the gallery police start to complain, refer them to me......................... many thanks, and very best for the coming exhibition. I suspect you will do rather well out of it!

Thank you very much Carole and Tony your kind comments are very much appreciated./ Tony I will post several stages of the next painting but through the link with my facebook page I feel that way you or anybodyelse can see them and I will not upset anybody with multiple posts on the gallery

Incredible...such an amazing talent you have Petra

Many thanks Julie for your lovely comment, I really appreciate it

Sorry Petra - where is your blog???? i don't want to miss out!

I am speechless........I would love to learn from you................I have gone through all of your paintings........those are as live and accurate as photographs.......

Thank you very much Sayantan for your very kind comment, very much appreciated

May I join your fan club, Petra. I have chosen this painting to place my comments, but I could say the same for them all. They are wonderful paintings. Do you know the work of Dylan Waldron? We have bought a number of his still life's over the years, believing him to be without equal, but we must now revise our opinion of that (and pay a visit to your next exhibition!) Thank you, by the way, for your very kind comments on my portraits. I am finding my feet with pastels, and a bit of encouragement is great for the ego.

Thank you so much Duncan your comment is very much appreciated

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas. 36 x 28 cms. sorry for double posting today. Tony I've used vandyke brown, sepia and napples yellow for the background and sap green. olive green, cadmium yellow and cadmium green pale and titanium white for the limes and leaves, Winsor and Newton artists oil colours

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General Practitioner and Artist based in Guernsey, Channel Islands. Petra holds a particular interest in still life and animals. Some of her paintings have been published in "Artist and Illustrators" and ‘The Artist’ magazines.

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