mountain No 5

mountain No 5

I think this is your best one Peter. Great texture work here, and the variances in your shadows are good. Well done.

So effective Peter, that middle foreground mountain and extreme right hand one wow! The ridge lines are so effective and the deep shadow gives that real feeling of power and mystery, you have also got a nice effect dragging the paint down to show the flow and roughness of the mountain side those two are majestic . I like the way you have got the mountains getting smaller to the left and so the shadows not as deep but have made the last ones high enough so the range does not look as though it is slipping off the painting. Interesting choice of sky and far mountain range colours. You have really got the power and feeling into those main mountains you have really cracked it Peter, nice one.

There is mystery in that!

Posted by Holger . on Mon 07 Mar 06:32:12
Hang on Studio Wall

Last of the mountains, loved every brush stroke. and thanks for all the feedback...

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