Self portrait

Self portrait

It's a lovely portrait Michael. Well done.

Lovely portrait - you look a bit serious, but it is hard to look in a mirror and paint yourself, isn't it.

Nice portrait Michael, though your eyes are not quite right.

Thank you frank this is what I like things that I have missed .i often look at my paintings and think what is wrong with it it&#39;s nice to have good critisum<br />

I think you are working very hard to develop...<br /> This, I am sure would look like you... I think that eyes are REALLY important and you must stop drawing or painting what you &#39;think&#39; your eyes look like... and paint what you ACTUALLY see in front of you. Look with a real purpose and work very slowly... Say things in your mind like &#39; how long is that... has that got more curve.. is this line I have just drawn REALLY there...&#39;<br />This is using your right brain.. and not drawing what you think they look like. Slow down<br />Best of luck Guy.

Thank you guy for your advice I know I sometimes paint what I think and I am trying to observe more to paint what I see, it is the same with colours I used to paint with very bight colours but have changed over the years

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I started painting in 1998 self taught attended evening clases etc .but can still Get things wrong

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