the style of! the style of!

This is really nice Anne.

I like the Scottish colourist Anne, well some of them, not well as colour this has got the abstract element too. Good one.

I like it, medium and size?

Thank you Sylvia & Fiona....the irony is the first one I did took ages & I was not happy with it. As I'd brought another canvas started again.....took 30 minutes! & much happier with it.

Thank you Sandra, painted in acrylics, A4 size. Wish I'd taken a larger canvas but as I was travelling by train, decided otherwise. Will scale it up though! See how that goes.

Hang on Studio Wall

Attended a workshop at Berwick last week, painting landscapes in the style of the Scottish Colourists. Fab exhibition featuring their work ....Go See!

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I am a self taught artist & enjoy studying others art to inspire my own work. I started with watercolours but now mainly work with Acrylics,particularly using a palette knife whether it be to lay colour down or scratch it out ! Then on occasions slopping white emulsion over it & starting again!! I…

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