First Steps

First Steps

So glad you have got into painting Donna - you will find lots of inspiration and help from this site. It's funny because the notion has always been that if you can't draw, you can't paint. I started painting without being very good at drawing and found that as I worked in oils, if I made a mistake I could always rectify it - and I made plenty of mistakes. Just enjoy what you do and you will get better at it. Also don't forget that each artist has their own style. I personally don't think there is a bad painting, just a different style. Lastly most of us try something new in our journey in art. I'm not good a watercolour yet I took up a challenge today and did one (although I sweated over it) Good luck. Hope to see lots more work from you.

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement Adele they mean a lot. Apart from the friend who gave me encouragement and saw what I did this is the first time I have even thought about showing what I do, so this has been a huge step for me and to be honest a boost to my self worth. Very Many Thanks.

Donn, I'vebeen throught the lifechanging trauma mill twice and whilst I was always adept at drawing I learned painting by reading and practising. Getting back into it was the best therapy. You can draw and paint, looking at your portfolio proves that. I believe everyone has an artistic side to them whatever it is. You invested in what sounds good stuff, I am guessing this work is oil or acrylic but I see a few different images in it. Keep at it.

Thank you Derek your comments are so helpful and give me hope. I use acrylic paint as that was what was used at my 1st workshop and I do like using it as you can use as little or as much as you want to create different effects. So all I can say is watch this space and maybe I will progress from First Steps........

You will definitely progress from "first steps" Donna. You will become much more confident. Keep at it and above all, enjoy it.

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Having had a life changing experience some 3 years ago I found that I was lost and needed to find myself. I have always been interested in Art but can't draw or paint to save my life. About 6 months ago I bought an original painting that I really liked and thought I wish I could do something likeā€¦

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