Attempt No. 4 !!

Attempt No. 4 !!

Hi Donna , I saw this and thought ...what the heck. Then I read your statement. That's great you just enjoy and fulfil yourself. Paint and canvas are a wonderful out let.

Thank you Sylvia, yes they are a wonderful release.

Couldn't resist, could you Donna. The pull of the monoprint is strong. Well done.

Thanks Adele but I really don't know why I put it up - I think it's awful not a happy bunny :-(

It's not awful Donna - something spurred you on to do it, and you put it on because you, like a lot of us here, are showing all your works. Just think, a couple of days ago you didn't know what a monoprint was! Now look at you. Just think what the next week will show. I have faffed around today - not produced anything at all - I am definitely not a happy bunny!

Did you plan this image or did you just go for it Donna? If the latter, have you got decision making on your mind? Lots of directional marks, some straight forward, some not so. Hope it's cleared the way forward. I like how you create your art from instinct and emotion Donna.

Thank you Fiona, no I did not plan it - it just happened so to speak and to be honest with you I was not happy with the result and have painted over it now. It's encouraging to know that my feelings come across in my work, many thanks.

Adele I faffe around a lot most of the time too!!! Hope you have find your mojo soon ;-)

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