Work in progress - new lino reduction print

Work in progress - new lino reduction print

This is my biggest reduction print (it needs a full sheet of paper for each print), so logistically it will be a challenge. Several days' work to reach the point where I can begin cutting. If anyone would like to see them, I might post some progress pictures. My model is a new palm for my garden, totally taken with the sun on it creating fabulous shadows. Coming up, The Artist magazine will be showing a 'Have a go at printmaking' from me, for their extra online content, so if you've always fancied having a go at lino printing, have a read and have a go! It's great fun and can be a challenge.

Hang on Studio Wall

First stage of a new lino reduction print, drawn up and ready to cut. Plate size 45 x 60 cm, a big one!

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I started teaching myself print making 5 years ago and within a short time my work was being selected for exhibitions and selling online. My art is now in 25 countries worldwide. 2018 - Winner of Drawing and Printmaking category in Jackson’s amateur artist competition; March 2019 – Two prints…

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