Diptch - Haybale corner and Gt. Brington church. Two oils on canvas. 30 cms sq.


so much detail for a small canvas.

great, like the light, I also like painting bales of straw

Thank you, I will be posting a single large canvas of pretty much the same subject. Martin

Hang on Studio Wall

The view towards Great Brington Church. One morning on arriving at the scene I decided to make a small oil, the one on the left as the light was incredible. I tried to work fast to capture that effect on a single smalll canvas, but of course it takes longer than the effect lasted and so the only way to resolve this was to include the view to the right. Thus it became a double canvas.

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I was ​​born in 1954 and am now based in Northamptonshire. I studied at the Ealing School of Art, Wimbledon School of Art and Goldsmith’s College. My work reflects a love of nature, played out in detailed studies of the countryside which surround my studio, a converted stable on a farm. Every…

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