Now this I like. It's got lovely shapes and colours. Great movement around the painting.

Marjorie you are brilliant at whatever you do. This is so cerebral and sophisticated superb

Gudrun, Thankyou so much. Dennis, you've made my day!

Very nice abstract, Marjorie. You are highly versatile.

Lovely and harmonious

Like Gudrun I love the shapes you've created and it gels as a composition....lovely.

You're a clever girl to create this stunner.

Now I see and understand what you were meeting with my painting Marjorie , this is quite a fascinating result, reminds me of the Kalidascopes of my childhood when you could see all sorts if you looked hard enough, nice one.

Such a clever idea Marjorie! It's worked really well.

A abstracted collage of painted shapes. Brilliant Marjorie. Well thought out and great positioning of the colours throughout.

Thankyou everyone for such positive comments, it really spurs you on to try more.

I, too, think this is a brilliant deconstruction/reconstruction. Who wouldn't!

A real smasher Marjorie!

But I don't want to criticize! I like it - rather a lot. And it seems I'm far from being alone in this.

Incredibly inventive and I really like it

Thank you all again. Another one today maybe.

Marjorie, I did comment on this on the forum, I love the final cropped version, and it was such a a good idea to start with pieces of a previous painting as a basis for an abstract, it gives you a starting point and avoids the horror of looking at a blank sheet of paper and wondering where on earth to start!

Hang on Studio Wall

After a workshop, " Towards Abstraction", at our art club, I printed out a copy of one of my paintings, cut it into sections and randomly( sort of ) stuck them on to we paper. I then joined up some shapes and painted the result. If you're interested in seeing the original painting, it's on the forum, " Abstracts, WIP". I'm quite pleased with the result, though there are sections which work better than others. Criticise away!

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