Summer Loving

Summer Loving

Great reminds me of an artist in Britain I think her name is Mona jupp . like it.

Thank You Dennis, so glad you like it :)

Had me a blast great work Maria

Thank You so much Dennis :)

Beautiful work Maria , superb colour feast

Thank You Dermot :)

Summer loving or the ' Summer of Love' they say if you can remember the 60s you were not there, well I was there, in a group for a while and yes I do not remember much of the very few special years in the 60s, sounds as though Dennis was the same. Great blocks of colour Maria like a mind maze to find your way through, I particularly like the way the bristle mark show as the brush has been lifted at the end of the stroke, nice one.

Thank You so much Malcolm. I loved the movie "Greese" so much, I think I watched it a million times and the song "SUMMER NIGHTS" where this phrase is from. Dennis picked up the words that follow... 'had me a blast'... Also a pity I was not born in that era, would have been great. :)

One of your best. Love the way the colours bounce off each other - an inspirational piece Maria.

Thank You Michael, so much appreciated :)

Love this maria it's blisteringly colourful.

Thank You Russ for your kind words :)

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