Alfriston (Line & Wash)

Alfriston (Line & Wash)

Nice drawing Michael, like the figure included.<br />I would crop the top down to slightly above the highest roof to avoid having the mushroom shape of the tree unless it&#39;s really like that.

Good effort Michael, I like John Tookey&#39;s loose watercolours. As you say this style does look easy but not easy to copy and even harder to do from photos or life. Perhaps even they find it difficult and we never see the failures! I&#39;m sure you will gradually find it easier and the learning process is an enjoyable one.

Lovely Quiet corner of a pretty village Michael. The buildings are very well done with smart colours.

Thank you all for valued comments. Yes, the tree gave me the most trouble, I managed to get it a bit too heavy for the picture, trying to correct a mistake. Never a good idea! No one said it was going to be easy!!!

Nice painting Michael, looks very tranquil indeed

This is lovely work Michael - I know it&#39;s a shame about the tree, but maybe worth trying again?

Thank you for your comment Frank, yes, I have considered &#39;another try&#39; but I haven&#39;t ever done that yet. Much preferring to carry the &#39;lesson&#39; on to my next project.....hopefully.

Hang on Studio Wall

Based on a watercolour by John Tookey. When you first look at this type of painting it is easy to think, 'I can do that' but it is anything but easy to get it "right". Still learning!!!

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