Les Dawson

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It’s a great likeness Trev and what a lovely compliment to be purchased by his daughter. He was a funny man. Hope you are feeling much better Trev.

You've captured him very well and how flattering that she bought it

It's a good likeness

I'm not surprised She bought it. It's a cracker. Great likeness and I love the little postcard images above the portrait. I also like the clever way you have painted the edges of the painting and painted the elbow as if coming out of the frame.

Thank you everybody, Aww thanks Fiona, it'll take a while but i'm getting there slowly but surely.

Nearly missed this Trev. A superb likeness and I love how his arms are crossed, a typical pose for him. What a huge compliment that his daughter bought it. Brilliant.

Hang on Studio Wall
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This painting was auctioned and the proceeds sent to St Anne's Hospice, i believe Tracy Dawson bought it.

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