Still life - sunflowers and fruit

Still life - sunflowers and fruit

Super still life Margaret. Love the brush work.

Really strong piece, Margaret, such confident brushstrokes

Unusual colour palette, works well Margaret.

Love the red background Margaret. It gives everything life.

So vibrant and colourful, Margaret - very successful still life...

I love the simplicity of this Margaret. The reds give it strength and interest. I also love the casual way the fruit have been scattered around.

Beautiful still life, I especially love the pink background.

Thank you for all your comments. I cannot claim credit for the colours and it was set up in art class - though I did use artistic license to make the cloth plain pink where in real life it was what looked like sari fabric with lots of embroidery on it. Also the wall wasn't pink but I thought it would pull it together better if it was!

Lovely use of colour.

Hang on Studio Wall

Back to art classes again today. Acrylic on board. A still life was set out on a table and we could pick what bits we wanted.

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