"Maize paddocks , Turakina Valley" water colour

"Maize paddocks , Turakina Valley"  water colour

Hence the diffuse light. I like these muted paintings. Green, I suspect, is the dominant colour where you are, much like here.

Hi Gudrun , yes the North Island does tend to be more green - probably more " cultivated" The South Island is more varied in it's scenery - I find it a lot easier to find subject material down in the South Island.

Hope the recent cyclone has not had too bad an impact. I agrees S Island does seem to have more variety in scenery, but you still have lots of coast and a couple of mountains in N Island. It's a pity I didn't paint during my many visits to NZ, but you have saved me the effort. This yet another of you evocative paintings.

thanks Linda, yes places were hit - Edgecombe probably the worst where a river burst it's banks and flooded lower lying houses - badly. In the main , it could have been far worse and similarly the remnants of the cyclone that has just passed over us coming down from the Islands. Wanganui was placed in a "State of emergency" but in the end came through without dire straits.

Hang on Studio Wall

just part of the ongoing serial of paintings being inflicted on the viewer. A quick wet in wet to finish my day - all done with a clear conscience - it has been raining today.

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