Cathy's Birthday (2009)

Cathy's Birthday (2009)

fantastic .I love these ,they show your inner beauty ,

Hi Lynda....I love these cards, very witty and appealing, you're like me, you wil never grow up...or want to!

Thank you for your comments on my postings. Interesting to read that you think Nutkin is a little out of focus...I'm wondering if that's one result of the velour, which almost soaks the colour in and softens it?

Wonderful card, a lot of fun and I love those skate boarding swans!

I like the raging cats too. Great.

Great! Cathy must look forward to your card each year! Thank you for your comments on my gallery.

Thank you everyone. Cathy actually gets 2 such cards per year - one at Christmas, too. I will post some more in due course. One was posted a few years ago in my Watercolour gallery, under the title "Christmas Eve at the Sanctuary". I would have moved it here, but can't see a way of doing so without it being reposted.

Hang on Studio Wall

A follow-on from yesterday's 'Cathy's birthday' posting. This was last year's birthday card, when only 4 swans were in residence. The caption is "They've been at the Go-Cat Again!"

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