Fliss and Floss

Fliss and Floss

Rhode Island Reds...Please say they are!! This is so emotive for me..and this is awonderful portrait of two hens....

Beautiful portrait of two lovely hens

I am so sorry to say that I don't know what the specific breed is, as it was a private commission. These tow beautiful hens are pets!

No prob, Lucinda...My dad was a specialist breeder of Rhode Islands and these brought back memories. RIR's are, or were, in my day, very stable, unflappable birds with great characters!

Great painting Lucinda.

This is lovely Lucinda - you have really caught the characters of the birds and I had to smile at the hen who appears to be dust bathing - one of my brown hens is often seen rolling on her back in the dust!

Hang on Studio Wall

Private Commission of Fliss and Floss... two happy hens! (c) Lucinda Coldrey Fine Art.

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