This is a lovely simplified version of the previous scene, Louise but you can still see the street and buildings and windows where they normally are. If you would like to try again, look at the photo, take in the shapes, colours, darks and lights. Then decide where they would sit on best. It's not easy and if you use watercolours it's even harder. Thank you again for liking my River Song, Louise.

Thanks Satu, I'll sleep on it (not literally) :)

Having given it all of a few minutes deep thought Satu, I shall take your advice and try another hopefully tomorrow. I didn't mix enough paint for this. I should splash it on and be bold I think . I agree though, watercolour probably isn't the best medium but it's all I have..oh, and wax crayons. Now you've got me thinking.. LOL

Looking forward to it - go girls. Both so far are stunners, that's the paintings!

Thought you meant us then Derek. Liking the word 'girls' ..LOL

Wax crayons might be something exciting to add on Louise! I have been thinking too and I'll try a street abstract when I will have a bit more time. A challenge!! Yes! Derek, for a split second I thought that you meant we are stunners.. Hopeful thinking

I should have kept quiet about trying another abstract Satu you stunner. Now you've gone and mentioned the 'challenge' word. LOL

Beautifully controlled shapes and colour Louise.

A new direction Louise, fab colours.

Thanks John and Carole. It isn't a direction that I'll be going Carole, I just had to try after seeing Satu's. I find abstracts very hard as I can't get rid of my recognisable shapes. Semi abstract is fine. A true abstract, or at least what I understand an abstract to be isn't easy for me. I end up with a splodgy mess :)

It is exactly what I meant, now go to it girlies.

You smooth talker Derek..LOL

Hang on Studio Wall

After seeing Satu's super abstract I thought that I'd try one for myself. Quite small, 21 cm x 30 cm and based on my Manchester Street scene posted yesterday. Not a patch on Satu's though :)

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