Springer Spaniel

Springer Spaniel

Can find nothing to criticise - love his look

I know that look!! Lovely portrait which is full of character.

Anyone who's ever had to look after one of these dogs knows that look - I had the job of taking such a critter out when her owners were at work: artful devils - they can worm their way into your affections and know exactly what they're doing; while still looking completely innocent; maybe they do it by instinct, and are not as craftily calculating as I thought them..... They're wonderful, anyway: very characterful portrait, and very well done.

We've got a Springer Spaniel, they are really all over the place but they have that look and you give in! Lovely dogs and you've captured the breed really well, especially from a different angle, more difficult to get the expression right.

What a delightful portrait! Love that woebegone look! Agree with Robert - I'm sure they spend hours cultivating it!

Very competent work- you captured him just right, too. He makes me laugh- just so damned doggy!

Lovely expression in this dog Lorraine

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylics on 50 x 35 cm Gessoed Grayboard. Came across this lovely breed and decided to attempt it in acrylics. C & C most welcome.

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I love painting human and animal portraits, landscapes and seascapes and also still life subjects. The media I use most are oil, acrylics, watercolours, soft pastels and recently I have also tried colored pencils. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artdotparis

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