Portrait of Colin

Portrait of Colin

like this a lot Lin. Did you do it from life ?. Lovely skin tones. We (our arty group) have a portrait sesh coming up soon.

Lovely portrait Lin, great work on the skintone and features and his hat !

It takes way too long to do a portrait from life I'm afraid especially with my personal circumstances. Although I have done life drawing, but I used charcoal and pastels and conte crayons when I did. i love dark skin, it is full of so many vibrant and warm colours.

Superb pencil work Lin

Hang on Studio Wall

COLOURED PENCILS Portrait of Colin Winsor & Newton Med grain 220gsm Heavy weight Cartridge Paper, Size A4 Underdrawing: Derwent Artists Coloured Pencils Worked with Derwent Coloursoft Overall time: approx 7 hours 30 mins Best viewed from over 4 feet away where the colours optically mix and looks smoother.

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Lin Goodwin

Lin has always enjoyed expressing herself through words and pictures until life got in the way. In her teens she painted semi abstract dream like sketches inspired by record sleeve art by Roger Dean and Hypgnosis in her bedroom. She again took up Art in 2006 due to poor health and disability and…

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