Model with towel


An interesting technique and successful. It captures the models body perfectly!

Thanks Chris.I have also tried this semi-pointillist style by drawing directly onto an iPad and by using acrylic msrkers and paint on canvas (stretched and board)- the iPad version makes it easier to correct misplaced colours:the acrylic paints are less forgiven if a dash is in the wrong colour in the wrong place!

Hang on Studio Wall

Drawn from life, using acryalic marker pens on stiff card and photographed.

About the Artist
Kevin (Karl) Wall

Having retired early to address cancer issues, I have turned my previous habit of drawing every day (in one medium or another) into a full time activity. I focus on the male nude/figure using a wide range of media and within this,how line, colour, light, shading and space can convey form,…

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