Fiona's challenge

Fiona's challenge

This looks like a real horror Michael, one that I wouldn't want to watch and would remember if I had! It's a absolutely brilliant pastel though, a nightmare indeed..!!!

It disturbed me when I watched it on the TV Louise.

It's disturbed me Michael and I haven't even watched it..LOL

I can't place the film Michael but it looks really scary!

Oo-er Mick......don't like the look of that. That's a face of it a modern or old film Mick, 'witch finder general' or something? I agree with Louise, it's a great pastel.

Somebody should guess it right Margaret. I wouldn't watch it again.

You're right Fiona. The Witchfinder General - Vincent Price.

Really will have nightmares now👻 Thanks Michael;)

Yeah!! That's a an old one Mick, I liked it! Vincent Price was brilliant, as was Christopher Lee and Peter Cushings etc...I love the old horror films.

Sorry Carole. I hadn't known I do horror so well, but perhaps I should have guessed. Fiona, I'm horrified you like so much horror, but perhaps I shouldn't be.

Haven't looked into this thread or challenge as my horror folm viewing is zilch like my sci fi. Saw Jaw, Psycho?? and that's about it. Not my thing. Love Coen Bros

Witch General was it? It doesn't matter by the looks of it Michael.

Shock horror Derek. Just a general one John.

Good pastel, but I hated the film - I guessed it would appeal to sado-masochists. There has been another of that ilk on TV more recently- American Asylum (series). I refused to watch more than 10 mins of this. Now give me a who dunit any day. Preferably without seeing the killing bit.

There is a lot of horror in this Michael. I never watch horror films but I remember one I saw in the 70ies and I just posted some doodle about it. Well done on the fire and flames!

Sounds like the horror had the desired affect Linda.

Do you remember Wicker Man? ooh that was awful.

I did see some of it Carole. I really don't like these themes where people get burned and I can't watch. Man's inhumanity to man, often was/is done in the name of religion, makes me feel incredulous.

I should never have done this Gudrun.

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