Gateshead skyline

Gateshead skyline

Agree with Gudrun. Simple but so effective. Good job Michael.

You had a very productive day at your class Michael......sometimes, the fewer the marks the more impact it has and this has that impact, especially the sky.

Ooh I love this!

I love The Angel of the North Michael - almost monotone.

Thanks Fiona, Shirley and Adele. Yes Fiona, the class on Sunday is 10 till 4 once a month, so I always prepare for a few jobs in case I run out of work. Tomorrow is my 10 till 12 every Tuesday. I'm getting some good hints off Malcolm Coils who is at both classes with me.

Much effective and dramatic, Michael, lovely limited palette.

The limited ,stark palette is just right for this subject. I wasn't a great fan of the angel at first but now I think it's quite iconic.

Thanks Marjorie. I've always liked it. A good representation of South Tyneside and Wearside's industrial past, which has been part of our family history. So, it makes me think of that.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour painted yesterday at the art group.

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