I think the left arm is too long. Otherwise great.

Oh I like your work, quite different

Barrie I agree taking a long look at it the arm would probably look good on a Chimpanzee, good job my sister in law doesnt check out this site she would be horrified at what I have done. Its only a bit of fun... Thanks Frank, this is different thats what happens when you break away from what you are working on and I still am.. I was thinking out of the box as they say, whatever it means...

Hi Keith, just wanted to say thanks for your lovely comment about my 2011 gallery......haven't you got anything better to do? You could be applying yourself to that busy pavement cafe scene you are working on.Lol! The thing I find striking about the above drawing is the lovely long limbs.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pencil drawing size A4. I am working on a large A2 size drawing which is very busy and complicated and is not going well. I walked away from it and did this drawing of a leggy pose and drew a portrait of Chris,s 60year old sister on the head for amusement.... I feel better now and hope to continue with my pavement cafe culture drawing tomorrow......Any comments would be appreciated

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